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Produced Water Solutions is a Louisiana-based equipment supply company, with a global reach, that supplies filtration & separation technologies that are vital to the oil & gas/energy industry.

Produced Water Solutions understands the complexity of the oil & gas industry, the importance of operational reliability and the daily demands faced by everyone in this industry. That is why it is important for us to build a high level of confidence with our customers, proving that we understand their business, processes, and day-to-day requirements.

Our team of professionals are exclusively focused on our customers’ business. These professionals are dedicated to maintaining a in-depth knowledge of the oil & gas industry. Most of these individuals belong to and active in various industry associations, such as: the International Quality & Productivity Center for Oil & Gas; the International Produced Water Conference; the Produced Water Society; the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE); and, the Produced Water Club (NEL).


Our Approach

We are continually pushing technological frontiers and helping solve the oil & gas industry’s most difficult problems. We provide advanced products and services to enhance our customers’ productivity. Keeping your fluid streams clean is our goal.

We help our customers: optimize their process efficiencies; meet industry requirements; increase production; develop complete solutions, and to be industry leaders.

We have a sincere desire to exceed our customers’ expectations!

Our Results

This offering of technologies coupled with skilled people and engineering resources are uniquely applied to produced water, water, waste, and wastewater processes for the best solutions possible.

Produced Water Solutions continuously strives to develop and offer the widest range of solutions for our customers.

Other Products & Services

Produced Water Solutions offer a wide range of additional products, in addition to what is showcased on our website.

We have the capability to custom design, engineer, and fabricate water treatment equipment to any standard or customer specification. All principles have extensive international experience and have worked with all major E&P Companies.

Produced Water Solutions have a full range of equipment available for rental or lease.

Produced Water Solutions offer system reviews & optimization and site inspections for problem solving for existing filtration systems and start up and commission for new filtration systems.

Our Solutions

Produced Water Solutions presents a complete line of liquid filtration systems sand management to help solve the toughest filtration issues today. Our technical expertise, product offering, problem-solution approach, and global reach are our strengths.

Solutions are tailored to the complete situation- from production to compliance.

Our References

Produced Water Solutions relies on satisfied customers. Over 90% of our customers are repeat customers. And, with hundreds of different oil & gas producing companies, services companies, and other equipment supply companies conducting business with us, you can be sure that we have worked with most of the global leaders in the oil & gas industry in the last two decades. This is the result of strong performance, innovation, and results.

With our combined experience in over 53 countries, we are uniquely aware of the nuances of produced water from country to country.