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Ed Godeaux

General Manager                                                                                        

Ed is a seasoned professional with almost 30 years of dedicated experience in the produced water industry. His journey commenced in the 1990s, pioneering with Monosep, where he laid the foundational groundwork for his expertise. Transitioning seamlessly, Ed played instrumental roles at Siemens Water Technology, exhibiting his professionalism as the Technical Director for Upstream Business/Technology, and further excelling as General Manager for both Upstream and Downstream Business divisions. His wealth of knowledge and leadership has not only shaped the industry but also stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment and invaluable contributions.


Benjamin Potier

Managing Director of Business Development

Benjamin is an accomplished leader with a remarkable 18-year career in the water technology industry. Beginning at Monosep as a Project Manager/Project Engineer, he demonstrated unwavering dedication and expertise. Progressing within Siemens Water Technology, Benjamin culminated his journey as the Operations Manager for Flowback and RO services, showcasing a dynamic approach and a strong commitment to advancing water technology solutions. Benjamin is currently serving as Managing Director of Business Development.




Steve Coffee

Director of International Business Development and Marketing

Steve brings over 29 years of unparalleled expertise in produced water management within the upstream oil and gas sector. His profound focus on filtration and separation technologies has solidified his position as a distinguished subject matter expert. Recognized for his unwavering commitment and comprehensive knowledge, Steve is a trusted figure in the international landscape, excelling in onshore and offshore operations. His specialized proficiency encompasses hydrocyclones and sand management, making him an invaluable asset in optimizing water treatment processes for enhanced operational efficiency and environmental sustainability.


Wesley Fuselier

Director of Project Management                                 

Wesley is a versatile Project Manager with a reputation for being creative in his approach to management and provides attention to detail. With a background in Project Management plus 10 years of experience in the water industry, he has successfully executed many projects for our clients.  His ability to understand customers’ needs and execute has proven to be invaluable to PWS and our clients. During his tenure at PWS, Wesley is developing to be one of the future industry leaders in water management. Wesley continues to prove his dedication for providing excellence to the water industry.

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Lauren DeRouen

Accounting and Business Development Manager

Lauren is a seasoned accounting manager with over 13 years of experience in the oilfield industry. After graduating from ULL in Accounting in 2010, she began her professional journey at a petroleum geology firm for 6 years before joining the PWS team ready to take charge and take our company to the next level. Her knowledge extends far beyond accounting. She is a respected saleswoman in the industry, an expert at maintaining our rental fleet, and is a natural born leader who has earned her way to becoming an important cornerstone of the PWS team.


Andre Franques

Owner/Business Partner

One of the Founders and Managing Partner of PWS with over 30 years of experience in the Oil & Gas and industrial construction, and produced water treatment equipment business. Founder of Liquid Load Testing (LLT)  a Load Testing Equipment Rental Company, also founder of Dynamic Cranes, a Heavy Lift Rental Crane and Offshore Construction Company