Solids Management

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Wellhead & Wellstream Desanding

Our high-pressure wellhead/wellstream desanders (up to 20,000 psi) reduce or eliminate instrument failure, erosion, corrosion, pump damage, and sand downstream. Focused on 2-30+ micron for multiphase and gas wells. These high-capacity, high-efficiency demanders remove the formation of debris, allowing production gas and fluids to be processed without sand management issues.

  • There are no moving parts to clean and replace which saves your company maintenance time and costs.
  • Removes solids on-line in a contained system to prevent safety or environmental issues.
  • Wide range of operating flowrates and continuous solids separation with no impact on production capabilities.

Download PWD Wellhead Desanding Hydrocyclone Line Sheet

Download Application Worksheet – Gas

Download Application Worksheet – Wellhead

High Efficiency Desanding Hydrocyclones

High-efficiency Desanding Hydrocyclones achieve a greater separation performance in gas and multiphase streams. These compact systems are designed to produce finer separation than others on the market in the harshest of conditions, offering the highest efficiency and largest turndown available today. This can be used for secondary produced water treatment trains that require 2-30+ micron efficiency and also for higher pressure and gas streams and multiphase operations.

  • Robust ceramic inserts and materials to guard against erosion and corrosion.
  • Reaction-bonded Silicon Carbide for higher erosion benefits with higher hardness, higher impact strength, and higher temperature requirements.
  • Closely packed liners for a smaller footprint and weight as well as better separation.
  • Compartmentalized design for unlimited turndown, if needed.

Download PHC High Efficiency Desanding Hydrocyclone Line Sheet

Download Application Worksheet – General

Sand Removal/Vessel Cleaning

Solids Transport System is a compact fluidization and solids transport solution. Designed to replace conventional sparging and sand jetting systems, this device has been optimized to achieve maximum coverage over the vessel floor for efficient transport of solids.

  • Offers higher discharge concentration and minimizes sand carryover problems
  • Lower feed-pressure eliminates vessel wall erosion and can be operated online and offline, in batches.
  • Custom designed manifold for easy installation.

Download PST Solids Transport System Line Sheet

Solids Transfer

Solids Transport System is a compact fluidization and solids transport solution. Moving larger volumes of sand slurry from point A to point B for your slurry Transport Piping Systems.

Sand Washing Systems

Regulations for environmental care require solids arising from production operations, such as during sand jetting or simply sand from formation wells to be cleaned for overboard disposal or transported for treatment and disposal. Our Sand Washing Systems are designed for efficient treatment of oily solids from separators and production equipment, reducing oil on the solids to a level allowable for discharge without the use of chemicals. They are compact compared to other non-cyclone-based sand wash systems and have low-maintenance requirement with cyclones (slurry pump is the only moving component).